Flamenco guitar classes

Characteristics of our flamenco guitar classes

Our flamenco guitar classes are characterised by the quality of instruction and a friendly classroom atmosphere in addition to the careful selection of subjects that show the student, week after week, different theoretical and practical concepts as well as different approaches to accompaniment, improvisation, etc.

The flamenco guitar class programme allows students to learn to manage all of the technical resources necessary to overcome the barriers hold them back from achieving the best results in the shortest possible time.

The Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar offers classes starting from the basic level which gradually move up to the intermediate, advanced and superior levels.

The following is a summary of each of the levels. Click on each button to see the complete programme for each level:


Basic level


A first glimpse of the world of flamenco guitar, this course is ideal for learning the basics you’ll need.

Intermediate level


Assimilation of and expansion on that already learned as a foundation to proceed individually with new content.

Advanced level


Here you’ll be able to play falsetas in some of the representative flamenco styles, both toques libres and a compás.

Superior level


Students that take this course discover how their creative skills can increase their knowledge and possibilities for expression.

Registration is open throughout the year and flamenco guitar class times are from Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon and Friday all day.