Advanced level flamenco guitar

Below is a description of the content of the advanced level flamenco guitar programme.


Completion of previous course or a level test.


In this level, students will learn to play falsetas correctly in some typical flamenco styles, both toques libres and a compás: soleá, alegrías, granaínas, seguiriyas, etc.
The goal is to be able to play the full repertoire learned up to this point from memory and to be able to play accompaniment.


To achieve a good and clean sound through proper use of technique, fingering and articulation.
As this is the culmination of the previous two levels, learning will focus on consolidating correct study habits.
Students will be able to improvise in any key using the knowledge they have acquired and the study of the concepts of effective practise.
The repertoire of falsetas and solos will be progressively more difficult in order to promote the student’s overall development, musical ability and technique.

Content (example of class 1, module 1)

1.1 Guitar techniques: Strength and flexibility exercises
1.2 Arpeggio Diabólico
1.3 Sub-division: Advanced study

1.4 Granaína: Generalife Bajo la Luna, falsetas 1, 2
1.5 Fandangos de Huelva Niño Miguel, falseta 4
1.6 Concierto piece

1.7 Flamenco keys using the circle of fifths
1.8 The phrygian major scale for tarantas and mineras

Vocalist accompaniment classes. With vocalist in group classes.

Video classes
Teaching material for video classes



“Soleá” (frontal)

“Soleá” (lateral)