Intermediate level flamenco guitar

Below is a description of the content of the intermediate level flamenco guitar programme.


Completion of previous course or a level test.


This level is characterized by the assimilation of and expansion on previously learned material as a basis for further pursuing new content on an individualised basis, chosen in accordance with what best suits each student.


To practise memorising suitable falsetas and studies to promote the simultaneous development of musical skills and technique.
Basic accompaniment in different styles: Tangos, fandangos de Huelva, alegrías, etc.
Upon completion of this level students will have markedly improved instrumental dexterity and will be able to play in time with a stable rhythm and improvise over progressions and chords learned in the theory classes.

Content (example of class 1, module 1)

1.1 Guitar technique – arpeggios, picao, alzapúa, etc.
1.2 Speed study 3
1.3 Left hand crossing movement

1.4 Soleá: Soniquete rhythms, llamada and cierre
1.5 Tangos: Traditional falseta
1.6 Fandangos de Huelva, falseta 2

1.7 Chord training
1.8 The triad: major, minor, and diminished

Accompaniment: first steps
Accompanying vocalists (with recordings)

Video classes
Teaching material for every video class


“Bulería soniquete”

“Bulería soniquete” (frontal)

“Bulería soniquete” (lateral)