Intensive flamenco guitar course

Intensive flamenco guitar course programme

The Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar continuously offers 5-day intensive flamenco guitar courses.
Classes are four hours a day for five consecutive days. In total: 20 hours.

Requirements for the basic course

tudents must know basic chords and have some idea of strumming technique regardless of the style it is used for: classical, jazz, etc.

Requirements for intermediate and advanced courses

Students must audition and take a knowledge test to determine the most suitable level for each of them. Students may elect to send a video in lieu of this process.

Miguel Flores

Having finished an intensive guitar course and recover the illusion for the instrument. Again feel the internal connection with the music. Reaffirming myself with the certainty that beauty is necessary, even essential, in this so hostile world. That emotion doesn’t understand about fashion nor money. Thank you Rafael Cañizares for illuminating my way, for all your great teaching, for your mastery, and of course, for your great humanity.
See you soon friend!

Miguel Flores

Contenidos del curso

For the intermediate and advanced levels, the course is divided into themed blocks: technique, theory, practice, rhythm, harmony and repertoire.
For the intermediate and advanced levels, there are different content branches for falsetas, rhythm patterns and repertoire depending on the level of knowledge acquired previously.

Flexibility, speed and strength are practised to increase the development of your skills.

Theory and harmony practice
Classes on music theory focusing on the study of scales and application in the area of flamenco improvisation.
The keys of all flamenco toques using the circle of fifths: major, minor, flamenco cadence: IV, bIII, bII, I.
Chord inversions and tension.

Acquisition of the rhythmic patterns based on the structure of the different styles and their metres.

Repertoire (tailored individually)
Practising the repertoire best suited for each stage of learning according to the student’s level is essential, and is the most appropriate way to ensure that progress is steady and seamless. An inappropriate repertoire is only a source of frustration and often leads to giving up.
Learning to study. How can you get the most out of a study session?

Practice in action
The method is presented in an enjoyable way so the student can assimilate learning in a consolidated manner.

To evaluate assimilation of all of the content (theory, repertoire, exercises, rhythmic patterns, etc.) a general review class is offered, and a certificate of attendance is issued to all students.

Course content materials
At the end of the course, all of the material, including scores in standard notation and tablature, are given to the student together with the audio CD. This can also be sent via email in .mp3 and .pdf formats at the request of the student.