Exclusive method of Flamenco Guitar School

The Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar offers a variety of private classes using its own method to simplify understanding the guitar and improve the skills of students of all ages and levels.

For the school, the most important facet of its activities and of the objectives it has set for itself is without a doubt the education of its members and of everyone interested in expanding their knowledge. The school proposes contributing to the promotion of culture and the enjoyment of this art that is, undeservedly, less accessible than others.

The school is based on the many years of experience dedicated to rigorous instruction and the effective ‘Slowly and in Time’ method, with which you can learn at your own pace and under the personal supervision of Rafael Cañizares to help you develop to your full potential.

With this new way of learning you’ll have access to an exceptional experience in which the student works with scores and tablatures that have been transcribed exclusively for the lessons at the Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar. The materials are used in classroom sessions in digital format and with the audio material that accompanies them; additionally, you’ll have complementary access to the video lessons through the school’s virtual campus.

In short, you will not find the method used at the Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar anywhere else because the scores and the tablatures of “Slowly and in Time” are not published or sold outside of the school.

Escuela de guitarra flamenca Rafael Cañizares - Metodología


Slowly and in Time: the method

The programme consists of four courses that make up this flamenco guitar method and sets the bases for playing the guitar well from the very start. And I say ‘well from the very start’ because you can play well after only five months learning slowly and in time, as well as very play badly after playing for 20 years incoherently and out of rhythm.

The way I see it, there are only two ways to play the guitar: well or badly. It’s not possible to play ‘ok’. It is preferable to play a little and well than a lot and badly. The philosophy on which this method is based follows this principle to the letter. That’s where it gets its name: ‘Slowly and in Time’.

The first years of learning comprise a very important stage for new students of this art because it is during this period when they have to put down roots both in the correct technique and in gaining the musical maturity necessary for proper musical development. One has to be the consequence of the other.


Slowly and in Time is the exclusive method of the Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar and the result of my background and professional experience as a guitarist and flamenco ‘tocaor’ over the course of my more than 40 year uninterrupted career and my experience as a teacher. It is a method created to help you develop to your full potential..


The relationship established between the instructor and the student is of crucial importance. Students who are motivated and well guided by their teacher will develop to their full potential in a more productive manner. This does not only involve the acquisition of the right technical resources in every case, but also fosters the development of your own innate musical capabilities.

Through these courses students will learn to relate and put into practice everything they learn in a positive context that encourages accomplishment. To this end, every class, whether individual or group, offers different content related to theory, technique and musical interpretation, rhythm and flamenco vocal and dance accompaniment.

All of the content of the programme is written in musical notation and tablature for the guitar, always accompanied by an audio recording. Audio-visual and computer media are used in the classroom to foster understanding of the repertoire under study.


The complete course is made up of four levels, and each of these is divided into several modules comprised of a minimum of five lessons and their corresponding assignments.


Depending on the student’s level, the lessons encompass the following areas:

  • Technique
  • Theory
  • Interpretation
  • Accompaniment

Practising the repertoire best suited for each student’s level is essential, and is the most appropriate way to ensure that progress is steady and seamless. An inappropriate repertoire is only a source of frustration and often leads to giving up.

In short, having fun is a key part of learning. Our hope is that this method makes you enjoy and experience the flamenco guitar just as you want to. And this is why we have chosen the music.