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The Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar is highly regarded for the quality of its instruction and the advanced level of all its programmes.

It was the first flamenco guitar school founded in Catalonia over 20 years ago to share the passion its founder feels for the guitar, and to offer a way for everyone passionate about this art form to benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience as a teacher.

Escuela de guitarra flamenca Rafael Cañizares - Sala

Rafael Cañizares

The School of Flamenco Guitar that bears my name was founded above all to make a dream that I’d had for quite some time a reality: that anyone with a passion for the guitar could learn it and eventually come to master it. And, there is only one way to get there: your drive to accomplish it and my desire to teach you how.


Rafael Cañizares


The philosophy of the Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar is to bring people closer to the music, and through the music, to discover the true universal language – a language so broad and borderless that people from all over the country and, indeed, from all over the world have come to learn it here.

Escuela de guitarra flamenca Rafael Cañizares - Recepción

The school is located in Sabadell and has two fully-equipped and totally soundproofed individual classrooms to offer the best learning environment as well as a classroom for group instruction with all of the equipment needed for optimal instruction.

Studying at the Rafael Cañizares School of Flamenco Guitar allows you to set your day-to-day aside and immerse yourself in a new environment of knowledge, the exchange of opinions and new ideas about the passionate works of the guitar.

Escuela de guitarra flamenca Rafael Cañizares - Sala individual

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Ronda Roureda, 3-5
(08207) Sabadell · Barcelona
Tel: 678 636 325

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