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Superior level flamenco guitar

Superior level flamenco guitar programme

Below is a description of the content of the superior level flamenco guitar programme.
Completion of previous course or a level test.
Students that take this course discover how their creative skills can increase their knowledge and possibilities for expression. They will need to know and apply instrument techniques in accordance with the requirements of each piece. It’s time to create, to play, and to feel.
To develop and establish personal criteria for playing, to assimilate the musical heritage of the great flamenco guitar masters, an aesthetic concept that allows you to create your own music.
Content (example of class 1, module 1)
1.1 Guitar techniques – resources 4
1.2 Applying a rhythmic pattern in different contexts according to style
1.3 Study of all major and minor scales in all positions on the fret board using bulerías

1.4 Toque a compás: bulería falsetas
1.5 Toques libres: Tarantas
1.6 Concierto piece

1.7 Flamenco keys using the circle of fifths
1.8 phrygian major scale in toques in tarantas (F#) and mineras (G#)

Vocalist accompaniment classes. With vocalist in group classes.

Video classes
Teaching material for every video class


“Bulería improvisation”

“Bulería improvisation” (front view)

“Bulería improvisation” (side view)

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