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Flamenco guitar classes for children

Flamenco guitar classes for children programme

And of course, where would we be without a method developed just for the kids? The main purpose of the flamenco guitar classes for children is to develop their musical skills and awaken their musical sensitivity through exposure to the guitar and to flamenco at an early age.
Flamenco guitar classes are offered for children from age 6 so students can get started learning flamenco guitar through melodies, rhythms and the more popular styles from the traditional repertoire.
The ‘Slowly and in Time for Children’ method employs a collection of scores to teach the essential guitar technique needed to play this flamenco repertoire.

Escuela de guitarra flamenca Rafael Cañizares - Clases para niños
Toques for fandangos de Huelva, sevillanas, tangos, rumbas, etc. shape a musical framework based on the repertoire left to us by the great flamenco vocalists and guitarists taught by means of a personalised and fun method.
Students can also play musical pieces adapted from “Tarara”, “Como el agua”, and others.

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